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Hands-on support:
  • Hands-on pre-money support to build mutual understanding and trust concerning the business upside and the value creation potential for the partnership.



  • Focus where we can add value:

    • Thinking through strategic business development and growth opportunities.

    • Helping translate initial concepts into customer centered, profitable, scalable, replicable, and durable business models.

    • Building out the management team and installing management routines.

    • Helping secure and sustain required investment capital.

    • Advising on exit strategies.


  • Provide support as and when required to build management capacity without trying to run or micro-manage the business.


  • Provide direct and personal relationship between the Managing Directors and Entrepreneurs to ensure responsiveness, trust and understanding.


  • Take a substantial stake in the business during the initial formation and play a meaningful and supportive development role on the board.

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