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How and where we invest:
  • Highland Ventures Group is an early stage seed capital investor (~$200,000 – $500,000) growing into a mid to long-term business building partner, supporting vibrant, durable, and sustainably high performing  enterprises.


  • Initially focused on US development opportunities that may possess even greater application in global markets


  • Initially focused on innovative and disruptive technologies and business models in the energy and water sectors that either: 

    • Improve the efficiency of existing and new infrastructure.

    • Create and/or support cost competitive, high service reliability, distributed source, micro-grid systems for commercial and community applications.

    • Leverage creative technology and services to seamlessly connect distributed source systems with the primary grid infrastructure.


  • Strategically partnered with other like-minded venture funders to ensure access to capital; and a broader network of business professionals and entrepreneurs to draw in the best insights and expertise as needed.

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